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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travel Plans Destiny

So here's the story:  

Last Thursday, after highway traffic delays, I arrived at the Denver airport last week and check in to learn that my plane was delayed by 20 minutes.  

Plenty of time!  

I saunter over to gate A39 and take a seat to catch up on some work.  


I hear my name called by an old friend who sits down to catch up.  He celebrates serendipity and says that he's been meaning to call and schedule a music lesson for over a month.  He ends up booking a music lesson for the following week.  

We finish our conversation and I realize that his plane (from THIS gate) is going to a different California city than I am, so I go check the schedule board. 

Standing there, I realize that I am not only at the *wrong gate*, I'm in the *wrong terminal*!!  
I should be at C39.  I laugh at myself and haul my butt and my gear to the correct gate, in the correct terminal, in plenty of time for the flight.

When he arrives for the lesson tonight, I tell him the story and he laughs:  

"I'm sorry my destiny interrupted your travel plans!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitty Puss

A few years ago I learned the tune Kitty Puss from my friend, Don Pedi and I love to play it on my Clemmer Dulcimer.

Mike builds his instruments with 5 strings, and I've adapted the tuning so the lowest bass string is an octave lower D.  The tuning (from bass to melody string) is D D' A d d.

This video is from Brian Bianchi, a fellow I met at the Ozark Folk Center in MountainView, Arkansas  when I taught there for mountain dulcimer week in August of 2009.  We met up again at a Celtic session in downtown Memphis this past summer and had a grand time swapping tunes.

(Brian also sent me the video of "Tie Me Kangaroo, Down, Sport" in which I play didjeridoo which is included in another post in this blog).