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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing Like tunes on a sunset sail off of Key West!

Here's the recipe:

Fly to Fort Lauderdale,
Drive until there is no more "where" to go,
Have a dulcimer festival
Finish it off with a sunset cruise with nothing between the land and the sun but Gulf of Mexico
Find a friend and play some music.

Here's Butch Ross on hand (and leg!) percussion, me playing "Da New Rigged Ship" on mountain dulcimer and the wind adding its voice to the mix.

Thanks, Bing, Jae & Sheri for a great January weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reunion for Random Acts!

Willafjord and Spootiskerry
Back in 1999 I produced the debut recording for teenaged fiddling sisters, Carole & Teresa Lundgren, entitled Random Acts of Fiddling.

Crawdad Song

We had a good time producing a good recording and then played several gigs to support it around northern Colorado and Wyoming.

The girls have grown up, Carole has moved to Seattle and Teresa is now teaching art to middle schoolers.


To help support the Winter Farmer's Market in Opera Galleria, we helped open the season on
October 30, 2010.

This fun gig led to Teresa agreeing to play in my 30 Dulcimer-Filled Years Concert at the Rialto in Loveland in early January 2011.

We dusted off several of the old tunes we used to play, unearthed and gave voice to some others, sometimes with new instrumentation.
Soldier's Joy & Barlow Knife

Si Bheag/Si Mohr & Irish Washerwoman

A set of jigs
One slightly embarassing experience was that my spouse, Connie (who took these pictures), had to ask me to close my mouth when I played the hammered dulcimer so she could get a photo without it hanging open!  (Such was my concentration, I guess.)

Teresa has since joined me in KIVA studio, with Russ Hopkins, where I've begun working on some new recording projects!