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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The VOICE-Update

Hometown Streetmosphere

Back in Fort Collins, I was playing my Friday night Streetmosphere gig on Mountain Ave by Enzio's restaurant (bless their wait staff for providing me with ice water in the 90°+ heat!)

My friend John Drege stopped by and took some photos.  Highlights:  a just-married couple stopped by to get some photos taken in front of the murals, a Grandma and Grandbaby enjoyed the music and several bicyclists stopped, too.

G-ma and grandbaby enjoy the acoustic tunes

dulci-bro is always good on a sweaty day!

what a mural!

The dulcimer even stops bicycles!

Back home after 4,500 miles, 9 states and 24 days....

My midwest, early summer tour is now completed and I am glad to be back home!  This was a much longer time away than I prefer, but that is how the festival season ended up.  Despite the cancellation of a festival in the middle due to extreme damage from April storms to the festival location, I was able to fill in the open days and even give a benefit concert with my buddy Kerry Patrick Clark at his church in Maumee, OH where we raised $1,700 for the survivors of the Oklahoma tornadoes.

Venues included:  festivals, house concerts, the Dayton Veterans Administration Hospital and Hospice unit, some churches, a live in-studio radio show, a couple of churches and some afternoon workshops.  Most were solo performances, but it all wrapped up with a hot time at the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, KS with Erin and Amber Rogers of Scenic Roots, who had been spending the week teaching the Kids Camp.

Here are some views from some of the venues across the 9 states:
Kick-Off Barn Dance for Three Rivers Dulcimer Festival, LaCrosse, WI

Ohashi-Berg House Concert set up, Rochester, MN
With buddy Joe Jencks (of Brother Sun) at Lake Michigan, Evanston, IL
Kerry Patrick and Amy Clark with their sponsored Butterfly in Whitehouse, OH

Bluegrass Ensembles, KMW, Bardstown, KY
Kentucky Music Week Merchandise Table

Evans House Concert, Blacklick, OH

Emanuel Episcopal (Rick Thum, special guest) St. Louis, MO

Anderson-Little House Concert, St. Louis

Our Place on Park Place (Fowler, Wichita, KS)

Lawrence, KS

Kids Jam after the American Music Academy Concert with Scenic Roots (Erin Rogers, standing)