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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the Mend/Caringbridge

Following surgery, I found playing my old classical guitar charts and Hawaiian slack key tunes to be very therapeutic.

I am making progress following my surgery 12 days ago, and my voice is also making a comeback, with many thanks to Cynthia Vaughn of Magnolia Music Studio here in Fort Collins.

I had a couple of instrumental gigs last weekend, one for Streetmosphere and one for worship at Whole Life.  I'm resting my voice, so the gigs this weekend will be instrumental as well.

If you want to follow my treatment process I'm journaling here:

This is actually an amazing site that is available to anyone for any medical event as a helpful way to keep connected and preserve the energy of the healing one and his or her caregivers while still connecting those who care for them, whether far or near.

One of my far-flung friends is grateful that I've used the site, because now her family has been able to create and connect with one of their loved ones during their time of healing.

This site is completely free, but welcomes donations as "tributes."  Please feel free to support them as they have enabled many to support me.