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Monday, February 23, 2015

An early demo of Set Your Back to the Setting Sun

This is the bluegrass-style demo for this tune which was first published as a choral tune for the suite of songs I was commissioned to compose and arrange for the Rainbow Chorus in Fort Collins, CO. 

It was part of the Beginnings world premiere concert in spring 2000, which was recorded that same year and performed in San Jose at the GALA International Choralfest. 

This demo was in consideration for my recording produced by Ken Whiteley of Pyramid Records, Toronto, Ontario. At his suggestion, we changed the chord shapes and a swinging blues version resulted. 
That is the one that made it to the track list of my 2007 release: a piece of it all which continues to receive radio airplay and charting, 8 years later!
Now it is offered as an example of what will be offered to my patrons on Patreon when I reach the first milestone goal of $50 in pledges a month...only $14 away. What to join me and help put us over the top?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Photos from the Seasons of Blessing Inaugural Concert

Maggie Timeus shared this photos from the Inaugural Concert of the 
Seasons of Blessing Concert Series on January 25th.   
Don't miss the next one! 

Doug Adamz steel guitar and blues harp

Fiddle Tunes Finale

The runaway fingers of "Horse Sense"
"Little Peaker" duet on Doug's original tune
"May the Light of Love" duet with Kaitlin

Meeting Victor, a JamPlay Student!
"Lake Ozark Blues"

Remembering Dad's stories

Chris Benson, series co-sponsor

Galax finish flourish

Reversal: A Traveling Musician Provides the Respite

I am excited to prepare for a reversal today.

As the traveler who plies the pathways of our nation and beyond to bring handmade music to listeners far and near,  when I look at a map I see a whole host of locations across the USA and Canada which are not just unknown names and locations.   They are the homes and worlds of my friends.

As we approach our birthdays, I was having a conversation about this with my fellow musician and friend, Joe Jencks, this week.

We were reflecting on the fact that often we have few close friends that live where we live, but in no way are we bereft of the warmth, support and challenge of friendship.

Quite on the contrary, we are blessed with the richness of friends.

But now, as I prepare my home to host one of my earliest friends, I find myself on the giving end of the hospitality and the anticipation of opening our home to give what has so generously been given to me.  And I am excited to share in the way that I have been received, hoping to provide that kind of welcome and respite for the traveling one.

Still, what makes this visit special is that the awaited one is a friend who I've known since I was 3 or 4 years old!  That is over a half-century of friendship!

In our mobile society, that kind of friend is a rare treasure.  One of our mutual friends calls this a "reconnected" friendship.  And for all that we disdain about social media, Facebook has played an important role as a tool in these reconnections for many of us from my Ohio hometown.

So I'm just going to be grateful and celebrate gratitude....

....that and we'll take her to the ocean!