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Monday, July 17, 2017

From the back of the file cabinet...

There I was, looking for a manila folder and in the back of my tan file cabinet drawer was a file that listed two of my song titles:  war is sweet, and i said nothing.

It was curious to see this title so I opened the (nearly empty) folder to find this thank-you card:

The sketched artwork is a Lancer from Lincoln Jr. High/IB World School, where both of my children attended for their Junior High School years and freshman year of High School.

While my son, Zach, was a freshman, I was hired to work in the music department of this school working with Band, Choirs and Orchestra.

This note, however, is from when Zach's older sister, Kaitlin, was a freshman, because when I opened the note I found her gratitude wishes amongst those of her classmates:

Even after reading their hand-written words, I was a bit puzzled and then I turned the note over and read the thank-you from their teacher, Colleen Conrad.  

I dimly started to recall this experience...I visited their classroom and shared these two songs in person, which were later recorded in 2007 for my a piece of it all CD.  The memory had completely receded into the dusty stacks of my library-like memory.

Ah, yes!  The amazing 9th grade English teacher whose focus was helping each student find the thing that lit them up with interest, engagement and then encouraged and challenged them to follow that light!

She wrote:


THANK YOU for sharing your message with us!
The songs were both beautiful & powerful, & I
appreciated being able to reinforce the words & ideas behind "I Didn't Speak Up" through music.

That's always a good way for students to understand an important message.

Colleen Conrad  :)"

These kinds of thank-you cards are probably like many that we all have "had to write" to some guest who visited our various school classrooms during our time as students.

I can recall being moved to write these several times, but never again thinking about them once I'd added my words and signature.

I don't remember if I ever thought about if the recipient would read our messages, or if they would really matter in the larger scheme of things.

Well, today, this was just the message I needed to hear!

A thank-you from the past, from students who are now all in their late 20s.  All thanking me for helping them ask questions about what they assume to be true.

I am especially touched by Lianna's words:

"The music was a definite change in the way I'll think"

Lest we think the little that we do matters,  we can (and do) small things, with great love!


(a little more hopeful and inspired as I go back to the little things I am doing today....)

Live Performance: His Home is On the Road

KC Turner Presents SHHHongWriter's Open Mic once a month at Doc's Lab in North Beach (San Francisco).

This is a basement club in the location of what used to be the Purple Onion, site of Phyllis Diller's debut performance and the recording of the Smothers Brothers' Live at the Purple Onion recording.

In a standby position I was able to perform my original song, His Home is on the Road this month.

You can hear the recording of that performance here.
(Click on "Open Mic Recordings" Choose 7/5/17 and scroll down to Steve Eulberg)