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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

When the lost money finds you!

Thanks to the patient and diligent persistence of the royalty-paying people at Upper Room Publishing House in Nashville, Tennessee, I was reunited with payment for the licensing of some of my songs in their publications.

When we moved from Colorado to California in 2014, there are payments like these, which were paper-based and which come only once a year.

Not everyone gets the notices about new addresses, and some are easy to overlook or forget.

Therefore, I'm so grateful for the honest accounting of this religious publishing house that kept my licensed music royalties together and traced the path until they found me via a letter and email that reached me while I was on tour in the middle part of the USA.

When I returned home, several years of small royalties had pooled like a reservoir until they could be released to me.....

And several years of small royalties can add up to a larger check!

(And my sincere gratitude goes to all the careful and helpful people who kept faithful stewardship of these funds!  As the book says,  "Well-done, good and faithful servants!")

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