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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bread & Roses Gig Review

I have done a few gigs for Bread and Roses while in Northern California the past 2 years.  Here is a review from a show in San Rafael this past August.  This was truly a highlight of that tour!

Steve Eulberg at Country Villa
Date: 8/7/2012
Host: Dick Miner

Essence Story by Dick Miner:

Steve Eulberg is a singer-song writer, musician, and educator.  His show at Country Villa Health Care Center drew upon all of these talents.  He walked into the room and immediately captured everyone’s attention as he unpacked his guitar, the mountain dulcimer, and the most mysterious of all, the hammered dulcimer.

Steve began the show with a couple of Appalachian folk songs, “Flop Eared Mule” and “Golden Slippers”.  These instrumentals were played on the hammered dulcimer and Steve took the opportunity between songs to explain the history of the instrument as well as demonstrating how it is played.

After a few more instrumentals, he switched to guitar and played and sang some of his own compositions.  “A Ship May Be Safe” is one of such songs.  It is quite lovely and Steve got the audience involved by having them sing along with the chorus.

In the final third of the show, he played the mountain dulcimer and again sang some of his own tunes.  “Elk In The Meadow” and “You Get A Line And I’ll Get A Pole, Honey” were good illustrations of the use of the instrument in a Bluegrass, or as Steve calls it, “folkgrass” setting.

To end the show, Steve played a beautiful version of “Amazing Grace”.  Eyes were closed, bodies swayed, and the audience sang along.  It was a very emotional conclusion to the performance.  As he was putting his instruments away, there was a request for one more on the hammered dulcimer.  Steve treated everyone to the beautiful Shaker hymn, “Simple Gifts” to conclude his performance.

Steve, being an educator and historian, provides depth and insight with each song.  His stories both entertained and informed.  His own compositions (such as “Elk In The Meadow”) are beautiful and invite the audience to share his experiences.  Steve treated the people at Country Villa to a wonderful experience of lovely original and traditional music played with unusual instruments.  All appreciated this very unique performance.


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