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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing Didjeridoo!

Here's what I got to do this past July:

I played didjeridoo for the Australasian Choir, which performed twice at the GALA International Choralfest in Denver on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, under the direction of Dr. Kathleen McGuire.

Dr. McGuire was the conductor of the Rainbow Chorus in Fort Collins when I was commissioned to create and arrange a suite of songs (Beginnings).

This work was debuted at their Millenial Concert in 2000 at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.

It was recorded and we also performed it at the GALA International Choralfest in San Jose, California later that summer.

An interesting requirement of this commission was that it needed to be arranged for SATB Chorus, with accompaniment by didjeridoo and both kinds of dulcimer!

My friend and didjeridoo teacher, Paul Taylor, was the didjeridoo player for those performances and the recording.  After those performances I started on my quest to learn to play this marvelous and mysterious instrument.

This chorus was a gathering of singers from Australia, New Zealand, ex-pats from those countries in the USA, France and Canada.  I accompanied them on an indigenous lullabye, Inanay and on My Island Home.

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